How we operate

What makes Noorman Assessments truly unique, is the fact that our estimates equal the actual proceeds. In order to ensure such an accuracy, we have developed an in-house object assessment procedure, which consists of five different research phases:

  1. commercial viability in the international market, based upon the following criteria: design, durability, production and exploitation costs and earning potential..
  2. competitive position – are the purchase and exploitation costs in accordance with the market and in balance with the performance and the intended investments, or should alternate options be considered?
  3. reference analysis – using our database, we refer to the history of previous, similar investments.
  4. audit position – what are the investment’s commercial, legal and fiscal consequences?  
  5. global carbon and CO2 index – what is the investment’s impact on the environment and work conditions? 


Only when all outcomes provide an acceptable conclusion within a previously set margin, we will issue an appraisal, in accordance with the market and 100 % reliable.

Note: A professional pledge of secrecy applies to all information provided to us and work-related activities.


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