Valuations  -  reports

Our assessments provide a clear and objective picture of the value of an object or company and its goodwill, if applicable. Our reports deal with topics such as prevalence, (overdue) maintenance, free market and liquidation value or residual value, testing status, certificates and condition.

Depending on the situation we will decide which value needs to be determined.

Noorman Assessments offers three standard reports:

Quickscan (widely used in the initial financing itinerary, due to its low costs)

Based on the information that you provide, we will determine the average market value for a similar object at the given time, in the form of free market, liquidation and residual value.

Trend Report (value progress)

A trend report sketches the object’s value progress within a certain time period.

GCS (General Condition Statement)

A GCS contains an extensive overview of the object’s technical condition.

Standard reports offer the advantage of quick delivery and fixed/ bulk rates. 


Following the object’s physical survey, our findings are documented in an assessment report. It includes a review of the object’s technical condition, as well as an appraisal concerning its commercial potential and an accurate estimate of its market and liquidation value. An assessment report is a value document that is mostly used as a starting point for investment and financing scenarios or for audit purposes.

All our assessment reports are tailor-made and provide clear insight for all parties involved, such as partners, stakeholders, opponents, vendors, financers and suchlike. 


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