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Noorman - Chartered Valuations - International Negotiations

About us

Whether it concerns counsel with an intended capital-intensive investment, determination of the market value of material and immaterial assets, or guidance with a company sale due to reaching retirement, Noorman Assessments will gladly advise and assist you.


  • manage a variety of portfolios, with a total value of approx. 2 million euro, which we frequently assess for audits, securities and financing.
  • effectuate sales and take-overs.
  • annually receive new assignments to assess material and immaterial assets, with a total free market value of 200 million euro.
  • assist in (complex) corporate take-overs or reorganizations
  • provide mediation services to solve conflicts

Noorman Assessments is the only broker’s office for hoisting, lifting and excavation machinery that is sworn in by the court of Utrecht, The Netherlands and certified by the SKO foundation.

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The final outcome of an assessment is much more than a number expressing a value. It could be the starting shot of the effectuation of ambitious business plans, an attractive provision for retirement as the pinnacle of a brilliant career, or the decisive factor in the resolution to restore an object to its original state.

Which is why Noorman Assessments devotes the utmost care to its appraisals. After all, there’s a lot at stake.

Thanks to our meticulous assessment procedure and thorough market knowledge we have been delivering our promises for more than 35 years, with independence coming first at all times. This also implies that we do not take on a mediation role with an assessment and vice versa. This enables us to ensure the highest reliability level.

We can say with justifiable pride, that over 75 % of our assignments consist of continuation assignments of satisfied clients. The remainder comes in mostly through people that get in touch with us through referrals of existing business acquaintances. 

Noorman - Chartered Valuations - International Negotiations  


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